Friday, December 28, 2012

Luke in Mexico

Late Christmas day Ian's friend Luke made it to the Cancun airport after a very long day of many flights from Maine. Joe and Ian picked him up at the airport after a little drama, that airport is not user friendly!
Always a welcomed guest, we're happy to have him visit for a week before they all leave for their big Mexican birding trip next Monday. Details of that trip are HERE.

 First thing the next morning, Ian and Luke are on the patio looking for birds, after they've combed the neighborhood on foot.

 A beautiful Oriole they spotted that I got a mediocre photo of, at least the fronds are in focus.

 Getting some rest :-)

 Just an odd candid photo, but I like it.

 What, Ian's sick??  Turns out Ian has come down with a really bad sore throat, dore de garganta, and is now on antibiotics. Hoping for a fast recovery, too many birds out there to take time off to be sick!

I really like our big comfy condo.

At the Farmacia for the antibiotics, and sundry items for Luke.

In Mexico you can tell the person working behind the counter your symptoms and they will give you antibiotics. No prescription needed.

Luke making an effort to take some non bird photos. Puerto Morelos plaza.

Beach where they are taking scuba diving lessons for PADI certification. There's a great reef out there.

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