Friday, March 31, 2017

Lucca through a Lensbaby Lens

Joe and I are now 3 weeks into our 6 week stay in Lucca, and I'm still in love with this beautiful city! I'm now up to 22 days of making my way everywhere on foot without the use of any cars, or even bicycles, my feet are in great condition, and maybe even I am, too :-)  
The weather has been excellent, warm days for eating lunch al fresco, and plenty of sunshine. Around 70's the last few days and always a treat walking around with my camera taking it all in.
These blog post images were taken with my Lensbaby Composer lens attached to my Fotasy adapter that fits my new Fujifilm X-T2... this way I didn't have to buy a new Lensbaby for my Fujifilm, as it was originally designed to work on my Canon dslr.  The Lensbaby works fine with the adapter, as it's a manual focus lens anyway. The trick is the get the focus on the right part of the image!

The outdoor market just outside of town is full of photo opportunities, as is the walk there. The Italians are very fond of their flowers and so am I!

The iconic Vespa, full size.

The shopping street, Via Fillungo.

Working on getting little hearts as my aperture shape on the points of light. Nice looking dessert, too.

The top of the Church at Piazza San Michele. Note that each column has a different design.

At the music school piazza.

Benches are liberally distributed throughout town.

Shopping at the outdoor market flowers.

Taking a break from mowing the extensive grassy area outside the walls.

Very active population here, especially on the wall.

A beer at lunch on the wall.

Panini are very popular... I found out panini is plural and panino is singular, now you know, too :-) And they are not always grilled.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Enjoying Lucca with Susan and Scott and a Little Rain

Our good friends Susan and Scott from Maine joined us in Lucca for a week, we've traveled together before and have the same ideas of exploring a foreign place, taking our time savoring our new location, enjoying the local food and culture and ourselves.. always :-)
 Ours is a slow method of travel, no rushing or overbooked days, and so far we still haven't been in a motorized vehicle of any kind. At 16 days that must be some kind of record for Joe and I! Our feet have been doing an excellent job of getting us everywhere we need to go, and it's easy to walk 8 miles in a day without even thinking about it.

Susan and I met when our children were much younger, nearly 20 years ago. It's wonderful to see her and Scott happy here in Lucca!

Scott enjoys playing his harmonica in the many tunnels of Lucca and the sound is awesome.

As we finished lunch outside in the Piazza Dell'Anfiteatro, the Amphitheater, this school group came through before it started clouding over.

A piece of ancient history randomly found on a wall.

This kitty seemed hypnotized while gazing out the window.

 Some small park tucked away in the back streets.

The rain made for some great umbrella images.

One of the larger camellia trees, many blossoms all over town.

A pottery shop off of Piazza San Michele.

A very intense bicyclist!

Students from Spain.

Still looks good all wet, Piazza San Michele.

Greeting an old friend....

...and spending a few minutes catching up.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Good Times in Lucca!

Another sunny beautiful day to lunch in the iconic Piazza dell Anfiteatro, and many others thought so, too. There were about 8 young people having lunch next to us, many courses, wine, limoncello, the whole leisurely long lunch thing that Italians are so good at.
Afterwards they happily took photos of each other and I took photos of them having a good time, having a good time doing it myself :-)

Happy Italians!

A small vespa I bought here in Lucca to add to my small world collection. 

Some of you may know Alfred from other photographs, he shows up in the oddest places.

The music school in Lucca.

Same piazza the music school is located. 

Another pretty bit of fashion and color.

Playing with pink balloons, enjoying a sunny day.

Love this man on a bicycle!

Here's hoping you're liking the bicycles here as much as I am.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday Evening Images from Lucca

I am walking around Lucca later the same day, during the evening hour with Joe. This time not just to photograph and so my attention was divided, but I find it hard to resist some of the beautiful things that catch my eye...! 

The window displays are gorgeous, this one especially if you sew.

Young woman very intent on her smart phone in front of a church.

Anything with books is fair game!

Sunset stroll on the wall.

Minimalism from the wall looking down.

The wall again, endless visuals.

From the top of the wall, looking down on the green area surrounding it.

Joe approached these young man to help them take a group portrait of themselves, and after he did, they wanted one with him in it. Friendly bunch!

Right off of Piazza Napoleon, a nice glow from an ancient time.