Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sally Mann, Photographer, and Harvard Square

A friend and fellow photographer who keeps on top of things, Christy, emailed me about an event at Harvard University. Sally Mann had a 3 night lecture at the Sackler Museum Auditorium and I am so glad I attended! Sally is a photographer, writer and speaker and she had the audience mesmerized with her story. The writing she did for these 3 nights will become a book.

I took the 96 bus to Harvard Square from Chester Street in Medford, a few blocks from my home, and walked across Harvard yard on the beautiful Monday evening. With my camera, of course. So here's what Harvard looks like at the beginning of May. I played around with black and white after seeing Sally Mann's electrifying images, I have a ways to go to capture my world the way she does hers :-)

Harvard Square T stop.

Many students out enjoying the beautiful day in Harvard Yard.

The Science Center where I used to bring Ian for classes. 

Cambridge Fire Department.

Outside the Sackler Museum.

Brent, who came all way from New York, talking to his favorite photographer, Sally Mann.

 Jamie Lee Curtis is also a fan, and enjoyed the reception with the rest of us.

 The beautiful room at the Baker Center where the reception was held.
Have I mentioned this was all free?? Yes, deep pockets paid for a lovely reception, great food and wine, the lecture, and parking, all on the house. And a movie star sighting...a great evening all around!!

Bruce also sat with us in the front row, he flew in from Oregon!

Walking back to the bus after the reception.

My bus home, what a great evening!