Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty in Spring: New England

The robin is considered to the be a sign of spring, but they are in New England during the winter months as well. There are 3 kinds of robins in the Boston area, the ones that stay year round, raise their young here and winter over in the trees. The migrants from the north that come to Boston in the winter and head back north in the spring, and the migrants from the South that fly through in the spring and breed north of Boston. There are more robins on the ground in the spring because the food source has thawed, but they have been here all winter.
Just wanted to get that straight :-)
And I know this because Ian loves birds.

Pussy Willow bud.

A good old mallard, looking very regal in his jewel colors, Jenny's Pond.

The white speck in the ocean is Flag Rock on White Horse Beach.

Reflections on a stream in Plymouth.



Walking around with a friend and our cameras.

Our magnolia tree.

Close up of a magnolia bud.

The cottage with the magnolia in full bloom.


Johnny Jump Ups from Ting, day lilies and the swan.

Flowering Pear on the left and the Japanese Maple from my dad's yard on the right.

Blood Root originally from Ting's in CT.

Yummm, asparagus.

Quiet sunrise on the pond.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

California with Family and Friends

Ecuador was wonderful, and 2 weeks after returning home to Massachusetts, Joe and I flew out to Southern California. We met Ian at the airport welcoming him back home after a long 3 month separation because of his birding trip to Peru and Chile. He flew into LA from Chile a week before the devastating earthquake, which left some of the places he and his friends stayed at leveled. So nice to have him home again after his most excellent adventure. Here's where you can read his entertaining blog.

California was spent visiting with friends and family, helping settle my father into his new independent living home, and birding. The 2 weeks went by quickly and we had lots of sun and warmth.

One last image of Ecuador, Lago San Pablo outside of Otavalo.
Joe exploring the beach by our lodging, we stayed within walking distance of Crystal Cove in Newport Beach, CA. Very lovely and underused, we enjoyed it as often as possible.

Crystal Cove, and the following beach shots as well...

Ian birding and Joe looking through his scope overlooking the bluffs of Crystal Cove.

Marbled Godwit.

Still Crystal Cove, I guess I liked this place!

Moving on to Laguna Beach.

Bird of Paradise.

Main Beach in Laguna Beach.

Joe and Ian.

Ian, me and Joe.

Just a dog hanging out, but so cute!

My birthday party, what a great time with old friends and family!

Marcus, Nelson, Gwyn and Joe.

Our offspring, how did they get so big so quickly? Left to right: Alex and her boyfriend, Harvey, Emma, Pauline, Jonah and Ian.

Joe, Jonah, Susie, Ian and Quincy.

Alex and Harvey.

Ian amazed :-)

Nelson and Joe at the dock where Nelson keeps 'his' boat.

Our kids on the beach at Crystal Cove.

Cliffside at Crystal Cove.

Resort swimming pool.

Joe and Marcus relaxing by the pool.

Monica had us all over for dinner, twice! Family portrait including my father and niece's boyfriends.

The clan. My father is thriving in his new life on the west coast, much more contact with people and social activity. Way less worries about meals and taking care of a home.

Don't look at the camera, ha!

Ah, yes, we revive the jumping photos...

Sunset over Laguna Beach.

My dad and his 3 children: my sister Monica and my brother Nelson, and me.

Crystal Cove, again...


Back Bay.

Ian at Back Bay, Newport Beach.

Entrance to Newport Beach harbor.

Corona Del Mar.