Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ruins at Cobá on the End of the World Day.

December 21st, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Seemed a fitting day to take a look at a real Mayan Ruin, so off we went to see the ruins at Cobá. A good early start at 7am for a 2 hour drive from Puerto Morelos, in our cute little red car. Turned out to be the best time to be there: early!

 Joe on his way to the top of this great ruin, enjoying being high up! His excellent photos and details about the ruins can be seen on his blog HERE.

 Having a fear of heights, or more accurately of falling from high places, I only made it half way up. But loved what I saw at that vantage point.

Ian and Joe.

 Ian made the climb easily, like Joe.

 Having birded on the way to this ruin from the main gate, Ian got there later than we did. About the same time everyone else got there! Still, the achievement got a big grin.

 A place for bicycles and 3 wheeled cart things.

 Bicycling back to the entrance.

 Such a varied assortment of footwear! I focused on the footwear for a while, have a ton of them, but won't bore you with them all, yet. These young ladies maybe weren't there for the climb?

 More good birds were found by Ian.

 Very appropriate tattoos.

 3 wheeled carts.

A favorite tunnel of mine...

All kinds of people at the ruins, like any public place anywhere. People watching is part of the attraction! Not sure if he was a real monk or just liked wearing a robe. 

 My favorite person to watch :-)

 And to photograph.

Entrance to Cobá.

An excellent lunch at this little cafe, and there's our cute little car right next to our table!

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