Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Food Shopping in Puerto Morelos

So where do you go for your food when there are no Stop and Shops around?  Having a full kitchen in our condo we like to use, the challenge is finding the food. Most Latin American countries have small one man shops scattered around town where you can get beer and packaged sweets, but fresh food and a big market are harder to come by.
In Puerto Morelos there's the local larger store in the square by the ocean, and that's fairly well stocked and walkable for us. We've been to the WalMart in Playa Del Carmen, and that's bigger than most markets at home, but a good half hour by car, and soon we won't have a car.
Across the main highway, in the old colonial part of town, there are a few more markets and that's where we went a few days ago.  Great selection of fruits and vegetables, if you can take the over the top music. From a block away you can hear the music blaring and while shopping we couldn't make ourselves heard, what a trip! Louder than any disco, wish I could show you loud in pictures.

 A beautiful and abundant assortment of produce!

 Champagne mangos, our favorite kind. 

 Only locals shop here, too bad I couldn't ask any questions because of the loud music. Can you tell who the American is?

 Back to our car. 

 Lunch nearby afterwards.

The chocolate shop where our Christmas cake came from, a popular place judging by all the gringos that were there.

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