Monday, December 17, 2012

We're in Mexico!!

All 3 of us flew to Cancun yesterday and today we're nice and warm in Puerto Morelos! Known as a sleepy fishing village, it's about half an hour south of Cancun, on the Caribbean, the peninsular is known as the Yucatan. I've heard it referred to as the Mayan Riviera, or Riviera Maya. Whatever name you call it, the water is clear, blue and warm, powdery white sand and a large assortment of restaurants.   Just wonderful!!!

Logan airport has this wall of mirrors, just ripe for some photo family fun. At 5:30am...

 The flight from Logan to Cancun on JetBlue was direct and fast, 5 hours and we're in another world.
The trouble began when we landed, apparently 7 other planes landed at the same time and it was a zoo getting through customs. 1000 people all aiming for the same Salida, awful. We were told this isn't the way it usually happens...

 3 hours after landing we get our teeny, weeny, red rental car from Hertz, nearly a smart car. Turns out it's pretty cute and we all fit, parking is easy, too :-)

 Best part of yesterday, a late lunch on the beach, fantastic!!

There's a gentle breeze off the water, so they put a lime on the bill/money to keep it from blowing away. The money I found in an old wallet, it's from 1980, last time I was in Mexico. Turns out it's antique money, no longer in circulation. Surprise!

We had to go for a swim, what a treat!

 Our condo in Puerto Morelos, another find through VRBO.

Lunch today, Monday, I love eating outside, most places have no walls, that's a tribute to the good weather here.

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