Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dominican Republic over Spring Break 2012.

Ian and his friend Jess planned a 10 day trip to Dominican Republic over Ian's spring break from UMass Amherst. At the last minute I decided to tag along and see a new country, have an adventure and best of all spend time with Ian!

 Jess took this photo of me and Ian, nice job Jess! Los Patos, DR.

After arriving in Santo Domingo, 2 easy flights from Boston on Delta, we retrieved our rental car from Sixt. Ian immediately starts birding when we get outside. Jess becomes our sole driver as my driver's license expired in February and I didn't know it. Check your expiration date now :-) Ian's too young to drive a rental at 20 years old, but is a fantastic navigator, getting us everywhere easily. He planned the entire trip to maximize finding his target birds, and so far with success.

Santo Domingo, DR.

I stayed at this hotel for a few days while Ian and Jess took off to the forest where the lodging is a little rough, OK very rough :-) Too rough for me!
Just outside of Barahona, Hotel Costa Larimar. Nice place, but I was told not to walk off the property, es peligroso, so I didn't.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Williamsburg, Virginia

Where are Ian and Amy now? And Joe? Ian's at Umass Amherst, second year, and heading to Dominican Republic with his friend, Jess. Joe and I are in Williamsburg, Virginia, and driving home tomorrow, back to MA. Next Friday I'm joining Ian and Jess for 10 days in Dominican Republic, another adventure in a Spanish culture! Joe and Milo will hold down the fort back home.

We've been loving this colonial town of Williamsburg, great photo ops everywhere you look. The town has been beautifully preserved, and having the interpreters around is an extra bonus. I sure do love walking around with my camera and seeing what's around the next corner.