Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seville Images with my iPhone 6S

This set of images were all taken with my iPhone 6s, with the native camera. I tend not to use a camera app, I'm just quicker with the camera that is just a swipe away. If I had been a second later I would not have gotten the pigeons in the archway, and sometimes a second is all you have. 
My favorite apps for processing are Snapseed, DistressedFx and sometimes Enlight. 
Some of these were processed in Photoshop and had textures added there, I have more creative control that way. 
For those of you that have an iPhone, there's no good reason you can't make photographs you're happy with, too!

A little courtyard we stumbled upon, we ate lunch just next to it outside.

On our way home after dinner in the rain, we ducked into a doorway to wait it out a bit. I saw these amazing knockers, and liked the light with Joe looking at them. Those are hands and oranges, to match the orange trees everywhere.

Lunch al fresco, Arenal area by the Cathedral.

Arenal... these arches were good to me, so were the pigeons!

Two long legged fashionable women strolling along, this was a lucky shot.

Our waitress gave me a smile when I asked, good sports.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Photos from the Window

Here are a few unusual perspective images I took from our living room window, by opening the window and hanging out of it. The camera was my Canon 6D with a Lensbaby composer lens. I love they way it softens the edges and gives a photograph a unique look. Thanks for looking!

This reminds me Where's Waldo.

Two women friends in ernest conversation.

Going out for some fresh air.

The street sweeper truck, looking like a toy! The streets are kept very clean in Seville.

A dinning area in the indoor market.

Indoor market produce.

Having lunch in Seville, Spain.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Everyday People in Seville

I do love capturing people in their natural habitat... kind of like wildlife photography. You have to be patient, quick and there are a ton of throw aways!
Here are a few I've taken here in Seville, Spain over the last week.

Some very stylish people live and walk around this town. 

And some catch me and mug for the camera, nice!

Not as many dogs as in smaller towns, but they are welcome at bars and cafes.

Stepping out.

Un poco cafe?

The only person I've seen with a white mask on.

The Barrio area of Seville.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Buying a Guitar in Seville

A guitar was needed to keep Joe's fingers 'in tune' while he is here, the callouses are important and have to stay. So off we drove to an industrial commercial area outside of town to the guitar store Joe chose from an online search. Friendly helpful people work there, as seems to be the norm for Spain, fortunately!

Checking them out to find the right one.

The back wall had tropical wall paper, nice background for a display.

Yep, this is the one! As Joe did last year, he'll leave the guitar here in Europe to someone who can use it. Last year it went to our landlord who taught at a school for disadvantaged children.

Lunch in Triana, a section of Seville we have been back to many times.

Love the ambiance of this place! Good food, too.

A church on every corner, each one beautiful inside.

The paseo in the evening, pedestrian only streets. Popular!

Semana Santa is coming... we see preparations for it everywhere. Shops selling robes and pointy hats, parts of elaborate ornamental altar pieces...I'll show you more later.

Moon and palm trees.

It's early yet, dinner starts full force around 9pm.

Plaza del Salvador... full of young people, fun place.

A watering hole at El Salvador.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


More exploring this fascinating city with Joe, and I now have enough images to last me for a week or more, but alas, today we will go out and see some more wonderful things, camera handy. Somehow I never get tired of trying to find that compelling image! I see them everywhere, and here is my humble attempt to share them with you.
I'm posting this as a musician is playing lively music outside our window in the pedestrian only street we now live on. Makes it seem as if we are in a movie! Ole!

The countryside on our way to Seville. So far we have not ventured out of the city since we arrived, saving that for later.

So much to see right here, even paying the bill can look good :-)

Joe asking for directions, everyone is very helpful.

Neighborhood produce store.

One of many Cervecerias.

Avenida de la Constitucion

A tribute to photographers who know how to make their images into a cohesive portfolio... something I have not done for this post!

 Flamenco Barbie

One of the many Puertos of the Seville Cathedral.

More playing with textures.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

On the Way and Arriving in Spain

For our winter adventure this year Joe and I are now in Seville, Spain, and a wonderful choice it's turned out to be. We've been here for 3 days and it's a wonderful, vibrant and exciting city. Ian and I visited on our way to the Parque National de Donana, or Coto Donana National Park to see the birds, about 6 years ago?? and I thought it would be a good place to come back and spend some time with Joe. It certainly is, for the culture, architecture and the people who call it home.

We've rented an apartment in the center of Seville, and although we leased a car in Madrid and drove to Seville, we really don't need one right now. There is plenty to keep us entertained on foot, and it's fun walking around together exploring the city in all it's liveliness! We'll venture out on day trips out of Seville later...

Our journey started in Logan, made it to the airport on a snow free day. The rocking chairs are a nice addition to the airport.

We've all been here, trucking though Miami airport, or some other similar airport.

Playing with my camera while someone plays on the escalator.

Welcome to Spain! Easy access, customs was smooth.

Someone waiting for their ride, while we waited for ours.

Here's our ride, a Citroen C4, very nice car to take us where we want to go. Joe chose a manual transmission again, and he's the main driver. The scenery from Madrid to Seville was beautiful!

Carmen met us to show us our new home in Seville, and couldn't have been more charming! A great way to be introduced to Spain.

Our not so humble abode, love the way it's modern but furnished with touches of the old world. The owner is an interior designer.

 A cafe to me, but also known as a Cerveceria, and other names I have yet to learn. We ate lunch outside and plan to every day we can.

A surprise finding this beautiful juvenile Harris's Hawk in downtown Seville, by the river. It's a popular falconer's hawk, Ian says it's native to the Southwest US, so it was likely hatched in captivity. They raise money for it's rehabilitation by letting people like us take photos and giving some payment to medical costs. The people taking care of him were just sitting at a cafe with this hawk hanging out on a chair.

I took a photo of Joe holding him, and then he took a photo of me.... great being so close to it and being able to touch his feathers!! The glove is key :-)