Friday, December 14, 2012

Amy and Ian go to Boston

I started this blog at a time when Ian and I were doing a lot of traveling together, back in our homeschooling days. Hence the words 'Where are Amy and Ian Now?' in my url.  These days Ian's in college and I'm in Plymouth, but today we went to Boston to drop Milo off at his new home for the next 3 months and to chase a rare bird. 

Milo's always been a good traveler in our car, he wanders around, mostly sitting on a lap if one is handy.

Milo on my lap while Ian's driving.

 Milo getting very excited about going to Priscilla and Bill's house for the next 3 months while we're in Mexico.  They've already sent me the cutest photo of Milo hanging out comfortably in his 'new' home.

Our next stop is the Fenway Victory Gardens, an extensive maze of community gardens that people cultivate for food and outdoor space. Our mission: to find a rare bird.

View of the Prudential Towers in the background. Many other birders were here looking, too, word gets out fast in the birding community.

Looking all over for this rare warbler. Great day to be outside!

Strange little jar I found on someone's fence. 

 Looking some more, then....

Someone yelled "I got it!!!" Excitedly, we all ran to where this rare bird was seen, what a thrill!! Birding at it's best, it's contagious.

Cameras and binos all pointing at the bird, who did not stay still for an instant.

Got it! MacGillivray's Warbler photo taken by Ian. An amazing shot if you saw how quickly this little bird moved.

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  1. Congrats to Ian for that great (and beautiful) shot -- and thanks for taking us along on your journeys, Amy!