Saturday, December 29, 2012

Doctor Drama in Puerto Morelos

A follow up about Ian's sore throat from a previous post.....Turns out the antibiotic Ian was on was the wrong one. At 1am last night Ian came in to wake us up, when was the last time that happened!?? His tonsillitis was much worse, his throat was so closed he couldn't sleep, and breathing was becoming a problem, Yikes!!

We found the best doctor ever in our sleepy little mexican town, in the middle of the night and he fixed Ian right up. Dr. Victor Ballesteros. After looking in Ian's throat he pronounced it "muy feo", very ugly. He gave him a shot in the butt, antibiotics with some steroids, had him inhale something soothing that took the swelling and inflamation down, dealt with a minor panic attack on Ian's part, and did all this competently with a smile and a great attitude.

Thankfully good medical care at any time of the day or night in Mexico is available, excellent and affordable!

 We went back this afternoon for a follow up visit, and another shot.

Ian revisiting the scene of the fixing of tonsillitis gone awry.

 Getting ready for his shot... Turns out that Joe is going to have to administer the next 3 shots! The infection is still very much active. Our doctor showed us what to do, and Joe is agreeable to doing it, he's not squeamish about doctor things at all, not like me.

Ian's very grateful for the good medical care he received!! We'd recommend Dr. Victor H. Ballesteros Q. to anyone!
If you need to find him, ask the taxi drivers at the main plaza for the Medico, even in the middle of the night they can direct you there.
It helps a lot if you speak Spanish, his English is limited, and we had to discuss a lot of ideas and treatment options together, I'm really happy I was able to understand him.

His diagnosis in Spanish is Faringoamigdalitis or in English: Pharyngotonsillitis. 

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