Sunday, March 4, 2018

Brother and Sister at The Qutub Minar in Delhi, India

I had a wonderful visit yesterday to this minaret in Delhi, not sure I've ever seen a minaret before :-) The ruins around it were well kept and a popular spot visited by many locals and tourists alike on this beautiful day. 
My favorite part was watching the people enjoying their Saturday outing, and seeing families getting along so well. These 2 young ones were so expressive and I loved this series that told a story of a moment between brother and sister that I didn't think just one photo could do!

Just look at her little face, precious!

And this is what finally caught their attention, the Qutub Minar!

From good old Wikipedia:

The Qutub Minar  is a minaret that forms a part of the Qutab complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mehrauli area of DelhiIndia.

Qutab Ud-Din-Aibak, founder of the Delhi Sultanate, started construction of the Qutub Minar's first storey around 1192. In 1220, Aibak's successor and son-in-law Iltutmish completed a further three storeys. In 1369, a lightning strike destroyed the top storey. Firoz Shah Tughlaq replaced the damaged storey, and added one more.Sher Shah suri also added an entrance to this tower while he was ruling and Humayun was at an exile.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Welcome to India!

Welcome to India!
For the next 20 days or so I am very fortunate to be traveling in India, starting off in New Delhi.

I'm traveling solo for the first 5 days, then meeting up with a VegNews India tour that will take us to places around Northern India. So excited to actually be here after it being a bucket list destination for many years. The place I am staying, Bungalow 99 is lovely, so beautifully designed and comfortable, the owner has been very gracious showing me around the neighborhood personally and arranging for a driver to take me around to the sights.

Here are a few of my images from my very first morning here, February 28th, walking on foot in the Defense Colony area where I am staying!

This is the Defense Colony market area, which is really a lot of small shops all gathered around a park. There is an ATM here and people are very helpful. 
I am finding that the English spoken here is unlike any English I know, and I think the people who live here feel the same way about my English!

 Another street scene, I love the clothing worn by the women. My goal is to find something similar to buy here so I can blend in a little more.

 The ubiquitous auto rickshaw ... they are everywhere and keep up with larger cars in traffic, maybe even better as they are smaller to maneuver. The yellow and green color looks great and makes them easy to spot.

 Just a haircut in the street.

He doesn't look friendly in this photo, but he gave me a big smile and was happy to let me take photographs, I just missed the one with the smile.... 

Taken from the window in my hotel, I loved the simplify of it and the camaraderie these people seemed to have.

The challenge I'm putting out to my photo club for the month of March is Feet. Took this one while the floors were being cleaned this morning and loved it!