Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beach Bar "Unico" in Puerto Morelos, Mexcio

About a block from our condo, on the sand, is a little beach bar tucked into the neighborhood called 'Unico'. It's a very small stand alone bar, that can be boarded up at night, in the best location ever. You can grab a beer, go for a swim, listen to live music, get a bite to eat, lounge on chairs or bean bags, all on the sand! Very casual and inviting.

On the 23rd Joe, Ian and I went to listen to the German singer, Sara Lugo, she was perfect for the setting, beautiful voice and happy to be there.

She has songs on YouTube

 The entrance off the street. Children, dogs, everyone is invited.

Enjoying a beer with Ian, now that he's 21, not that it matters much here in Mexico. Priceless!

 Swings for chairs.

 Pano of the scene.

Since this is so close to the condo, and we pass it on our walk to town, I photographed it again...
It's hard to find from the street, but this sign helps.

 Beach view.

Luke and I went here last night for a drink and dinner, no live music, but still a good place to be. Unfortunately, Ian is still under the weather and not feeling very good.

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