Sunday, August 29, 2010

Full Moon on Plymouth Waterfront

I'm on a roll, can you believe more photos posted to my blog? Where will this end? I keep going on photo shoots with my photo friends and I have to do something with them, so here you go.
Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them!

The object of this full moon meetup was to capture the sunset and the moon rise, all from the beautiful and scenic waterfront of Plymouth, MA. It was a gorgeous evening, we all felt lucky to be there.

The Mayflower, a replica, but a darn good one.

The moon rises, right where The Photographers Ephemeris said it would. Great program to figure out moon and sun locations.

Our group getting warmed up for the show ahead...

Sunset was a bit disappointing.

We had some interesting characters on the State Pier.

In position for the moon rising, time to talk and catch up.

The other character.

Waterfront restaurant.

Some long exposure photos, fun time!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plymouth Pilgrims in Procession.

My last post had a lot of buildings in it, so to balance things out this one will have lots of people in it, Pilgrims actually. Plymouth, MA, is where the Mayflower landed back in 1622 and there are processions of Pilgrims every Friday in August at 6pm through the streets of downtown Plymouth. Pilgrims Progress, also on Thanksgiving morning. I set up a meetup for us photographers to be at the Mayflower Society House at 5pm so we could see them getting ready for the procession in the lovely gardens. Here's what I saw...

Getting some help from her father with her authentic clothes.

Loved seeing the children in ye olde clothing.

I tried something I saw another photographer do, wanted to make it more of a painting.

My friend Julie multitasking, and her photos came out well!

Gotta love his little face!

Instructions about the route through town and information on the deprivation they endured in 1622.

On their way back to the Mayflower Society House...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harvard Square at Night

Last Thursday I took a bus to Harvard Square for a meetup with my friend Ian's photography meetup group. What a fun time we all had walking around Harvard University, enjoying a wonderful, balmy summer evening. Lots to photograph, then an easy bus ride home. I'll do this again with my photo club!

Students running, so fast they are a blur :-)
Our happy group of photographers led by Ian from Photography Workshops. (Not to be confused with my son, Ian)

Shot in the dark without a tripod, but I like the feel of it...