Friday, April 17, 2015

Lucca with my iPhone 5S

Sometimes using my iPhone is just simpler, and much less bulky and heavy to carry around. Here are some iPhone shots of Lucca, some processed in Lightroom and some using good old Snapseed... best app around for a quick edit on an iPad or iPhone. And it's free.

Piazza S. Michele, center of everything.

Tourists or students taking a break, maybe both.

Piazza Antifeatro.

 My three companeros out at night.

 Piazza Antifeatro for a Negroni. Taste of another trip to Lucca in 2013...

 My same three companeros at dinner for Asha's last night.

 Outside the Lucca wall. A lovely bright spring!

A villa near to Lucca, day trip via car.

 Lucca view from wall.

 Good ol' Gelato everyday.

The bar is IN the supermarket! Coffee and champagne, beer, whatever you want...
Esselunga... very popular.

 Really fancy market.

 The wall.

 iPhone HDR for sunset.

 More of the wall.

An everyday flower area near the wall.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lucca at Night

On the wall at sunset in Lucca is where Joe and I go to see the end of the day, along with all the joggers and other bicyclists getting some fresh air. The main banner for this blog at the moment has a photo of the amazing Lucca wall.

 First a few images from our balcony over looking the Piazza Santa Maria Foris Portam.

Sunset on the Lucca wall near Porta S. Maria.

Same area, where the popular spot to rent bicycles is located.

 After sunset a few tries at capturing more slow shutter speed bicyclists, bright red is good!

Dressed up on a bicycle.

 Cell phone and bicycle.

The piazza where we live, our balcony is just above the really small walking person wearing red.
Piazza Santa Maria Foris Portam

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Starting out in Lucca, Italy

Joe and I are in the great walled town of Lucca, located in Tuscany, Italy. Nearest airport is Pisa.We drove from Provence, France, no border crossing, just lots of tunnels (about 165!) along the coastal road between France and Italy. White knuckle driving, not for those who prefer an open road with lots of room.
Living inside the walls of Lucca is fantastic, walking to shops, restaurants and sunsets everyday and always something new to see, it's the perfect size town for spending a month in our rental apartment.

Here are a few of the 1800+ images I've taken in the 2 weeks we've been here... the time went by quickly and somehow blogging fell aside. Here's to getting some of these images out to the light of day!

In front of our apartment, we're on the second floor. 

 Everyone in Lucca rides a bicycle, it's the most bicycle riding town I have ever seen! All ages, dressed up, high heels, everyone.

 Some have their dogs in a basket, some not. And some frown at having their photo taken...

 Hanging out in the Piazza Anfiteatro, priceless.

 An artistic bicycle image... slow shutter, lots of fun to try and get one.

 Joe in the rain, with a random happy child. 

 Umbrellas and rain make for good photo ops.

 The Piazza Anfiteatro in good weather on Easter Sunday.

 Happy Easter!

A sweet face.

 Sun going down.

 Montecarlo, Tuscany.

Having a great time in the main Piazza in Montecarlo.

 Hey, these men are the bomb!

 Spring!! The weather has been warm and sunny, love it!

 Tulips at a vineyard.

Gotta check your phone.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

L'Isle sur la Sorgue and Où est la Bibliothèque?

For years now Joe's key French phrase has been "Où est la Bibliothèque". I think many have learned that phrase is school, and since I like libraries, and found a lovely book store in L'Isle sur las Sorgue by that name, I made some images of it. Along with a few others, here they are...

For book lovers everywhere.

 A good looking store front, a high end grocery store specializing in olives, oils and wine in this case.

 The carnival's in town, kids having fun :-)

  I think this dog has other ideas on his mind besides shoes...

Painterly effect using Topaz Impressions, a chef turning back to look at me as I was turning back to photograph him....

Evening on the river, the blue hour.

Scene of the 3 hour lunch, just after closing.

Sun setting on another good day in Provence. L'Isle sur la Sorgue.