Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ting's in Walpole, NH

End of another semester for Ian, and a small detour to Walpole, on the way to pick him up at UMass Amherst. Ting and I go back to our college days when we were roomates, and I stop by to see her for a visit when I can. Always a good time!!

 Driving up at dusk, a good looking sunset.

Ting is an excellent cook and gardener, she has a blog with some great recipes and a facebook page. You can see her blog here at Playing With Food

The best salad ever, it had delicata squash, grown by Ting, with arugula, nuts, cranberries... really delicious!

 Added a few persimmon seeds.

Always a warm and cozy home, the wood stove is a great place to hang out. 

Breakfast at Burdick's in Walpole the next morning. 
 Another take on Burdick's chocolate boxes.

 Ting meets with her knitting friends weekly and I joined them with my crochet, a great place to gather!

Disclaimer: these photos were all taken with my iPhone and processed in Snapseed on my iPad... yep, I love Mac products and new tech stuff...

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