Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday House Tour in Plymouth, MA

My friend, Gail, and I had a great time doing a self tour of 5 homes in Plymouth. A fund raiser that included a book of addresses obtained after paying $50, and a ticket for lunch at the country club. A very woman dominated event, car loads of happy women enjoyed seeing the beautifully decorated homes. We'll do it again next year!!

Mayflower Society House, it wasn't on the tour, but should have been.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cabbage Still Life

Experimenting to see if this cabbage shows up in my blog....

Taken with my Canon 6D, hoping the quality is better than the last post. I added 3 textures in photoshop.

Testing out a New App for Making Blogger Posts

I'm giving the BlogTouch app a try, let's see how it posts this blog. All the images are from my iPhone and I'm using my iPad to make the post, no laptop involved.
The app was free yesterday, found it on Apps Gone Free, another free app that posts the best free ones everyday. This app, BlogTouch, is for both iPhone and iPad users that have Blogger blogs. 

 On Plymouth Beach with Ian on Saturday looking for Snowy Owls, found a beautiful one! Not close enough to get with my iPhone:-)
To see Ian's Snowy Owl image, take a look on Flickr here:

Another beautiful sunset at the point of Plymouth Beach

Joe giving Ian a haircut in the dark, sun sets too early!

The old kitchen.

The new kitchen coming along, great big new window!

Here's what happened, I accidentally posted this post via the BlogTouch app on my other blog "Amy and Ian's Ecuadorian Adventures". I tried to post it again on this blog, but couldn't do it via BlogTouch. So I have to conclude operator error on not sending it to the correct blog, and I'll try again. It looks good on the Ecuadorian blog! I made it appear on this blog (using my laptop) by selecting the entire post while in edit format on the Ecuadorian blog, then pasting it here into a new post. Worked.