Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday House Tour in Plymouth, MA

My friend, Gail, and I had a great time doing a self tour of 5 homes in Plymouth. A fund raiser that included a book of addresses obtained after paying $50, and a ticket for lunch at the country club. A very woman dominated event, car loads of happy women enjoyed seeing the beautifully decorated homes. We'll do it again next year!!

Mayflower Society House, it wasn't on the tour, but should have been.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cabbage Still Life

Experimenting to see if this cabbage shows up in my blog....

Taken with my Canon 6D, hoping the quality is better than the last post. I added 3 textures in photoshop.

Testing out a New App for Making Blogger Posts

I'm giving the BlogTouch app a try, let's see how it posts this blog. All the images are from my iPhone and I'm using my iPad to make the post, no laptop involved.
The app was free yesterday, found it on Apps Gone Free, another free app that posts the best free ones everyday. This app, BlogTouch, is for both iPhone and iPad users that have Blogger blogs. 

 On Plymouth Beach with Ian on Saturday looking for Snowy Owls, found a beautiful one! Not close enough to get with my iPhone:-)
To see Ian's Snowy Owl image, take a look on Flickr here:

Another beautiful sunset at the point of Plymouth Beach

Joe giving Ian a haircut in the dark, sun sets too early!

The old kitchen.

The new kitchen coming along, great big new window!

Here's what happened, I accidentally posted this post via the BlogTouch app on my other blog "Amy and Ian's Ecuadorian Adventures". I tried to post it again on this blog, but couldn't do it via BlogTouch. So I have to conclude operator error on not sending it to the correct blog, and I'll try again. It looks good on the Ecuadorian blog! I made it appear on this blog (using my laptop) by selecting the entire post while in edit format on the Ecuadorian blog, then pasting it here into a new post. Worked.

Monday, November 25, 2013

American's Hometown Thanksgiving Parade

Our annual Thanksgiving Parade in Plymouth is a very well attended event, the streets are lined on both sides for miles with people of all ages out enjoying a day in the sun. Joe, Christy and I had a great time photographing it and watching all the activity, and there was a lot of activity! I loved all the interesting people and did my best to capture the feel of the day, Saturday, November 23rd. 
Passing the time blowing bubbles, nice to not see a smart phone...

Straight out of a Dickens novel.

This little girl asked a stranger if she could pet his dog, and just loved this dog at first sight.

Like father like son. 

 Very comfortable in these old fashioned clothes.
Lots of marching bands.

 An agreeable model.

Lost in thought.

Not sure I'm liking it here...

Marching in yellow satin. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Street Photography in Boston Part 2

Boston on Parade day, celebrating winning the World Series!!

Girls having fun outside the Masonic Temple. The men were having a good time, too!

Autumn Reflections with my Canon DSLR

Christian Science Center pool.

Waiting in front of South Station. 


Walking back to Boston Gardens along Commonwealth Ave.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Street Photography Workshop with Essdras

Essdras M. Suarez and I led a street photography workshop in Boston yesterday, and what a great day to be out and about in Boston!! Spirits were high, the Red Sox parade took place and thousands of people came to enjoy the celebration.
We had scheduled our workshop months ago, and having all the fans in town was an extra bonus for us, along with the mild, perfect weather. A great time was had by all, and here are a few photos I took during our 8 hours of walking around Boston. The workshop was through my website Photography Events by Amy.

 The Boston Police were ready and looking good.

An agreeable and fun group of photographers attended the workshop, great spirit and energy made for a wonderful day.

 Ahh, the fans...

 In Chinatown time stands still, the old way is honored.

 Two of our photographers interacting with people on the street.

 A father teaches his daughter how to throw a frisbee in the South End.

 A nice guy who was willing to have his picture made.

 By South Station

 Just taking a look. Christian Science Center

Kitty that is not Milo.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Just a few of the beaches I've been lucky enough to spend time on this summer. I used the theme 'beaches' as our assignment for an iPhone group that meets once a month or so, we had some creative entries. Beaches are one of my favorite places, especially when it's not windy!

Early morning walk with Christy and Rita on White Horse Beach. iPhone.

Technically a pond...

Boy skipping rocks on a beach on Cape Cod. One of our photo workshops this summer.

 Scarborough, Maine. Next 2 images as well.

 Plymouth Beach, a sunset meetup with my PDP friends.

 2 other photographers at the meetup.

On the beach with Gail.

 A special evening on Plymouth beach with Ian, birding and a sunset.

 A very frequent sighting, Ian and his birding scope.

It's all about the birds, sunset is nice, too :-)

Plymouth Beach.

Joe and I on White Horse Beach, trying to take an iPhone photo of ourselves the way younger people do, not so easy....