Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Great Outdoors in New York State and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ithaca, New York is known for it's gorgeous falls, and they are!

Ithaca Falls in Autumn, beautiful!!

 A path we found near where we stayed.

The view from the house we rented. 

We spent the day at Watkins Glenn... spectacular!

True reflection... no photoshopping here

If you're still reading :-) .... From our family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ian's 24th Birthday in Ithaca, NY

The original title of this blog was "Where are Amy and Ian now?" The blog can still be found searching with that title and here's an update to the question. Ian is happily working in Ithaca, New York at Cornell Lab of Ornithology, for eBird. He's making a difference for birders and birding in a field he loves... birds and nature! I couldn't be happier for him or more proud of how he has found his way to turning his passion into fulfilling work.

As Ian was going to be in Texas representing eBird at a birding festival for his actual birthday, Joe and I went for a fun 6 day visit to Ithaca early in November. A wonderful visit, it's a lovely part of our grand country, and a very photogenic place, too!


Splash! Watkins Glenn has great waterfalls and trails.

Two women looking terrific out hiking at Watkins Glenn

Very cool waterfalls

Contemplative moment

Embarrassing the one you love :-) 

Not your usual birthday photo...

 Best friends Luke and Ian

They have gotten used to being photographed by me, it's been about 12 years...

Serious business this turning 24.

Gotta have a cake and candles

Ian, his cousins and our family... just a few years ago, ha ha... 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Hometown and America's Hometown Thanksgiving Parade, Plymouth, MA.

Joe and I photographed the annual Thanksgiving parade in downtown Plymouth yesterday, if you follow his blog you'll see his fine images, too. 
And we weren't the only ones there with a camera!!! 
Americans love their cameras, and there's no better place for seeing people having a good time together than a parade, with lots of action, color, floats and costumes to try and capture. Families, children, dogs and everyone out and about all over town. It was a happening!!
Another fun day in the sunshine with my camera.

Have you seen my teeth??? 

Biggest American Flag I've seen!

Patriots Fan and his Dog, both willing and nice about having their photo  taken. 

Boy and Blue balloon

A flash of a second, unknown girl 

The parade begins

She was sitting inside a store in their window, I walked by, this is what I saw.

A better view

An even better view!

Loved the shadows

I took this with my iPhone, towards the end of the parade.

Using Pano mode on my iPhone...stretched the train out!