Friday, December 18, 2015

Shooting with Friends on the Waterfront in Plymouth

We had a meetup of my camera club last night at the Office Bistro in Plymouth, and spent an hour or so making photos in the rain out front on the waterfront. Lots of great reflections, rain coming down steadily, darkness at 5pm. The car lights, street lights and other shiny surfaces made for some great images, add in an umbrella or 2 and you have a group of people having fun with their cameras capturing what caught our eye. I love the challenge of night photography!
We headed inside for some food and drink in a very comfortable bar, I enjoyed the evening very much with my photo peeps!

This was taken with my Canon 6D through the windshield of my car when I parked.

Steven being a good sport and model. I processed this with a texture in Photoshop.

Car splashing water, me panning with a slow shutter speed.

Another umbrella shot.

 Stepping outside for a cigarette.

Mark and Sean with rain, dark and opportunities!

 Ken cosy inside checking out the menu.

 Not sure how this bokeh hovered above the plate, a happy accident.

On the way home I shot this through my windshield as I slowed down at a traffic light, lucky shot.

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