Sunday, January 10, 2016

Boston Back Bay at Night

A group of us from my camera club explored Boston at night looking for interesting photography subjects, and we found many! The night was beautiful, a little fog, little wind, not too cold and lots to look at. A great bunch of photographers who had been shooting together for years and a few new members, we all had a great time and ended the evening at PF Chang's for drinks and a bite to eat. Got home at midnight after a very satisfying adventure with good friends!! 
Here is some of what I saw....

Christian Science Center Plaza before the blue hour.

 The Blue hour

 Shooting for the light.

This nice couple wearing red walked into the perfect position. 

 Us and our tripods, a necessary evil at night.

 Copley Square.

 Rita in Copley Square.

Boston buses blurred.

 Restoration Hardware.

 A street portrait of a young woman heading to skate on Frog pond in the Boston Gardens.

 Black and white church.

 The Boston Symphony Orchestra getting out.

 Jeremie who put together the locations and logistics for our great evening, thanks!

 Christian Science Center Church and us at the beginning of the evening.

Boston Public Library

Reaching for the fog, Prudential and Trinity Church.

A grunge door from the library up in the arts section.

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