Thursday, January 10, 2013

Very Relaxed in Puerto Morelos

Very relaxed and relaxing is how I would describe the town of Puerto Morelos. There are no high rise hotels or resorts in town, and rules are few. Joe and I walked to town for dinner last night and everyone is having a good time, stress free.

 Many pretty places to relax. 

 Walking in the street is fine.

 A cooking school with no walls.

 Now here's something you'd never see in MA, but here no one cares how you dress, or what is covered or not. Interior shot of our main tienda, Casa Martin, on the main square.

 The most popular hang out spot in town.

 More relaxing, sit wherever you want to.

 Our restaurant for the evening, La Terrazo, organico.

A great recycle wine, and other bottle project.


 Dogs are allowed everywhere...

..they can relax where they want to.

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