Saturday, January 19, 2013

Birders are in Puerto Aventuras!

Ian, Jess, Luke and Keenan came 'home' on Thursday, a bit dirty, road weary, hungry and very happy! It was a very successful trip, many birds were found, enjoyed and photographed, they had exciting adventures and were still friends :-)  Memories were made and we enjoyed hearing all the great stories of their adventures. Someday they may post photos and stories on their blogs, links on the right column of this blog, but so far their lovely photos can be found on Facebook or Flickr. They saw some awesome birds!!
Ian finished his scuba certification he had to postpone from his tonsillitis, and today they are on the Island of Cozumel, looking for a few last birds. Departure back to New England, and college is tomorrow, Sunday, for Ian, Luke and Jess. Keenan left yesterday. I'm going to miss their laughter, enthusiasm and energy.

 First thing after they arrived was a swim in the ocean.

Nice spot to hang out.

 Joe's amazing guacamole, 8 avos gone in a flash. Makings for Pina Colada were good, too!


Then out for some pizza.

 More home made food, fun feeding such enthusiastic eaters! Thank goodness they are very tolerant of me constantly taking photos...

 Swim at dark, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture it in low light, without a tripod. Luke jumping in.

 Jess jumping out of the water near Ian.


 One can bird anywhere, anytime.

Condo birding :-)

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