Monday, November 25, 2013

American's Hometown Thanksgiving Parade

Our annual Thanksgiving Parade in Plymouth is a very well attended event, the streets are lined on both sides for miles with people of all ages out enjoying a day in the sun. Joe, Christy and I had a great time photographing it and watching all the activity, and there was a lot of activity! I loved all the interesting people and did my best to capture the feel of the day, Saturday, November 23rd. 
Passing the time blowing bubbles, nice to not see a smart phone...

Straight out of a Dickens novel.

This little girl asked a stranger if she could pet his dog, and just loved this dog at first sight.

Like father like son. 

 Very comfortable in these old fashioned clothes.
Lots of marching bands.

 An agreeable model.

Lost in thought.

Not sure I'm liking it here...

Marching in yellow satin. 

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