Sunday, November 3, 2013

Street Photography Workshop with Essdras

Essdras M. Suarez and I led a street photography workshop in Boston yesterday, and what a great day to be out and about in Boston!! Spirits were high, the Red Sox parade took place and thousands of people came to enjoy the celebration.
We had scheduled our workshop months ago, and having all the fans in town was an extra bonus for us, along with the mild, perfect weather. A great time was had by all, and here are a few photos I took during our 8 hours of walking around Boston. The workshop was through my website Photography Events by Amy.

 The Boston Police were ready and looking good.

An agreeable and fun group of photographers attended the workshop, great spirit and energy made for a wonderful day.

 Ahh, the fans...

 In Chinatown time stands still, the old way is honored.

 Two of our photographers interacting with people on the street.

 A father teaches his daughter how to throw a frisbee in the South End.

 A nice guy who was willing to have his picture made.

 By South Station

 Just taking a look. Christian Science Center

Kitty that is not Milo.

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