Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Good Times in Lucca!

Another sunny beautiful day to lunch in the iconic Piazza dell Anfiteatro, and many others thought so, too. There were about 8 young people having lunch next to us, many courses, wine, limoncello, the whole leisurely long lunch thing that Italians are so good at.
Afterwards they happily took photos of each other and I took photos of them having a good time, having a good time doing it myself :-)

Happy Italians!

A small vespa I bought here in Lucca to add to my small world collection. 

Some of you may know Alfred from other photographs, he shows up in the oddest places.

The music school in Lucca.

Same piazza the music school is located. 

Another pretty bit of fashion and color.

Playing with pink balloons, enjoying a sunny day.

Love this man on a bicycle!

Here's hoping you're liking the bicycles here as much as I am.

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  1. That Alfred is a daring fellow. I am enjoying the bicycles and all your street photography!