Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friday Evening Images from Lucca

I am walking around Lucca later the same day, during the evening hour with Joe. This time not just to photograph and so my attention was divided, but I find it hard to resist some of the beautiful things that catch my eye...! 

The window displays are gorgeous, this one especially if you sew.

Young woman very intent on her smart phone in front of a church.

Anything with books is fair game!

Sunset stroll on the wall.

Minimalism from the wall looking down.

The wall again, endless visuals.

From the top of the wall, looking down on the green area surrounding it.

Joe approached these young man to help them take a group portrait of themselves, and after he did, they wanted one with him in it. Friendly bunch!

Right off of Piazza Napoleon, a nice glow from an ancient time.

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  1. As Joe proclaimed, A photographer must photograph, and I am so glad you both do!