Saturday, March 25, 2017

Enjoying Lucca with Susan and Scott and a Little Rain

Our good friends Susan and Scott from Maine joined us in Lucca for a week, we've traveled together before and have the same ideas of exploring a foreign place, taking our time savoring our new location, enjoying the local food and culture and ourselves.. always :-)
 Ours is a slow method of travel, no rushing or overbooked days, and so far we still haven't been in a motorized vehicle of any kind. At 16 days that must be some kind of record for Joe and I! Our feet have been doing an excellent job of getting us everywhere we need to go, and it's easy to walk 8 miles in a day without even thinking about it.

Susan and I met when our children were much younger, nearly 20 years ago. It's wonderful to see her and Scott happy here in Lucca!

Scott enjoys playing his harmonica in the many tunnels of Lucca and the sound is awesome.

As we finished lunch outside in the Piazza Dell'Anfiteatro, the Amphitheater, this school group came through before it started clouding over.

A piece of ancient history randomly found on a wall.

This kitty seemed hypnotized while gazing out the window.

 Some small park tucked away in the back streets.

The rain made for some great umbrella images.

One of the larger camellia trees, many blossoms all over town.

A pottery shop off of Piazza San Michele.

A very intense bicyclist!

Students from Spain.

Still looks good all wet, Piazza San Michele.

Greeting an old friend....

...and spending a few minutes catching up.

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  1. I just love your images. You have such a gift of capturing beautiful examples of everyday life. These photo's are alive!