Sunday, August 7, 2016

Boston's Back Bay with Photography Friends in August

I seem to get into Boston much less since we permanently moved to Plymouth 4 years ago, but I love going to the big city with my photography friends like we did last night. There were 14 of us from my photography club, Plymouth Digital Photographers, and some of us were there from 5pm to past midnight... wild and crazy :-)
It was a perfect weather night and I loved every minute of it. We post photos on our Facebook and PDP's photo albums, it's great fun seeing everyone's different views of the places we visited
 along the way.
Here's what I came up with, using my Leica X.

Staying out of the sun at the Christian Science Center Park.

Donna, Wayne, Vic, Marianne and Bob left to right.

Random people that just got really tired and had to lay down.

Christian Science Church.

James, Donna and Vic finding something interesting up above.

Maura and Donna comparing their Olympus OM-D Cameras.

The reflection of Trinity Church in the John Hancock tower needed something, and I found this great couple on the bench to put in the foreground.

Copley Square was named after this artist.

Sneaking up....

 Great glass buildings.

Jeremie, Donna, Nancy, Bob, James, Vic, Donna and Maura all working it.

Boston Gardens at the blue hour.

A little construction.

Long exposure... see the ghost legs?

Berklee College of Music students doing their thing in black and white. They were very relaxed and didn't seem to even notice their photo was being taken.

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  1. What a fantastic evening you had with PDP peeps! Thank you for sharing, I really like your Leica work!