Friday, September 2, 2016

Colorful and Exciting Dublin!

My friend Asha and I have been in Ireland for a week, our first trip to the Emerald Isle for both of us, exploring as much as we can on our 10 day trip from Boston. There is enough to keep anyone busy for a few months, everywhere we've been is beautiful!!
My camera and I have been working overtime, and even though I've taken over 2000 images, the blogging has not been done, even with the best of intentions.
Today we're in Dublin, an exciting and colorful city, and here are the things that caught my eye. Hopefully I will also post the gorgeous countryside we've seen before our time in the big city. 
The days are speeding by, as with any vacation, and we've been fortunate to have excellent weather, fine food and to have met very friendly people. If you're thinking of visiting, do it, you won't be disappointed!! It's justifiably a popular place and every country seems to be represented from the many languages we've heard and folks we've met.

Trinity College, a big event today with much excitement about an upcoming football game involving Boston College.

A bridge over River Liffey

So helpful to have this written out on many crosswalks!

Tourists playing in Merrion Square

A cool looking bird in St Stephen's Green

Working men taking a break, Irish version of older men on a bench you see in Italy???

Trump really gets around

Do I have a deal for you...
Yep, Trump again, this time with Obama. The Paddypower store was next door.

Getting ready for the big game today with Boston College

River Liffey

The infamous Temple Bar... or one of them in an area known as Temple Bar

Lots of shopping going on, too :-)

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