Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ian Home for the Weekend in Plymouth!

Some photos from Ian's visit home to Plymouth this weekend, thought I'd post them before I go back to the Spain images. I love having him around, fun to indulge him and us for a few days. Thankfully he's a good sport about having me pointing a camera at him, he's had lots of practice! 
Portraits and a few other details from the last 2 days, the portraits seem to have the most staying power....

Ian managed to fit in some birding this weekend, and he took us to the bluff at Manomet for a last look of the day, a beautiful evening!!

A few birds added for fun. A woman came up to us and asked said something about the "camera" Ian was using... he said the scope is mistaken for a camera all the time. Surprised me!!

Some good feasting was enjoyed, with good beer! Joe made a 10 avocado guacamole, and it's so nice we all love plant based food.

 Stalking the wild creatures in the attic at the cottage. Surprise!! They didn't see them, but looks like maybe a squirrel family?

Adding textures to make a grunge family portrait.

Ian brought them home from a friend who lives in the Berkshires, delicious and hard to find.

The cottage getting ready to bust out all over.

 Close up of the photo below.

Which do you like best?

Joe bought me pretty tulips.

 Testing, one two three....waiting for me.

The final take :-) 

An out take, too....

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  1. I really like your family pictures! Looks like fun with Ian!