Thursday, February 18, 2016

On the Way and Arriving in Spain

For our winter adventure this year Joe and I are now in Seville, Spain, and a wonderful choice it's turned out to be. We've been here for 3 days and it's a wonderful, vibrant and exciting city. Ian and I visited on our way to the Parque National de Donana, or Coto Donana National Park to see the birds, about 6 years ago?? and I thought it would be a good place to come back and spend some time with Joe. It certainly is, for the culture, architecture and the people who call it home.

We've rented an apartment in the center of Seville, and although we leased a car in Madrid and drove to Seville, we really don't need one right now. There is plenty to keep us entertained on foot, and it's fun walking around together exploring the city in all it's liveliness! We'll venture out on day trips out of Seville later...

Our journey started in Logan, made it to the airport on a snow free day. The rocking chairs are a nice addition to the airport.

We've all been here, trucking though Miami airport, or some other similar airport.

Playing with my camera while someone plays on the escalator.

Welcome to Spain! Easy access, customs was smooth.

Someone waiting for their ride, while we waited for ours.

Here's our ride, a Citroen C4, very nice car to take us where we want to go. Joe chose a manual transmission again, and he's the main driver. The scenery from Madrid to Seville was beautiful!

Carmen met us to show us our new home in Seville, and couldn't have been more charming! A great way to be introduced to Spain.

Our not so humble abode, love the way it's modern but furnished with touches of the old world. The owner is an interior designer.

 A cafe to me, but also known as a Cerveceria, and other names I have yet to learn. We ate lunch outside and plan to every day we can.

A surprise finding this beautiful juvenile Harris's Hawk in downtown Seville, by the river. It's a popular falconer's hawk, Ian says it's native to the Southwest US, so it was likely hatched in captivity. They raise money for it's rehabilitation by letting people like us take photos and giving some payment to medical costs. The people taking care of him were just sitting at a cafe with this hawk hanging out on a chair.

I took a photo of Joe holding him, and then he took a photo of me.... great being so close to it and being able to touch his feathers!! The glove is key :-)

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