Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Buying a Guitar in Seville

A guitar was needed to keep Joe's fingers 'in tune' while he is here, the callouses are important and have to stay. So off we drove to an industrial commercial area outside of town to the guitar store Joe chose from an online search. Friendly helpful people work there, as seems to be the norm for Spain, fortunately!

Checking them out to find the right one.

The back wall had tropical wall paper, nice background for a display.

Yep, this is the one! As Joe did last year, he'll leave the guitar here in Europe to someone who can use it. Last year it went to our landlord who taught at a school for disadvantaged children.

Lunch in Triana, a section of Seville we have been back to many times.

Love the ambiance of this place! Good food, too.

A church on every corner, each one beautiful inside.

The paseo in the evening, pedestrian only streets. Popular!

Semana Santa is coming... we see preparations for it everywhere. Shops selling robes and pointy hats, parts of elaborate ornamental altar pieces...I'll show you more later.

Moon and palm trees.

It's early yet, dinner starts full force around 9pm.

Plaza del Salvador... full of young people, fun place.

A watering hole at El Salvador.

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  1. How generous with the guitar. I was wondering if Joe brought one.