Sunday, March 9, 2014

Good To Be Back Home

After 10 days back home, Puerto Aventuras seems like a dream, I am all settled into my life here in Plymouth. It's good to be home, and it was lovely to be in the sunny and warm Yucatan, too!

Our last morning at the beach, love the early morning light. Villas Del Mar.

Oh, the look! If you have an adult child around 22 years old, you may have seen it :-) Ian doesn't like my iPhone photo compulsion...pretty sure he's not the only one....

New England is getting ready for Spring, outdoor furniture making its annual appearance at Home Depot.

Lots of fun events the past 10 days: My friend from CT, Gail, came for a visit and brought Milo back with her, who got the royal prince treatment at her home. Happy kitty. Gail baked me a delicious vegan birthday cake and is always good company! Happy Amy.
Ian's friend, Keith from Taiwan, stayed a few days while here to photograph snowy owls with Ian, of which we have an abundance.  I didn't get any good photos of those good times, but above is a Lightroom (photo software program) workshop, with Betty as our fearless leader. We have another workshop this weekend, both sold out! 

Bartlett Pond frozen over, but a sunny day.

Our snow is slowly melting...

A New England beach scene, soon to have more people on them. Manomet bluffs area.

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