Thursday, April 3, 2014

Off on Another Adventure!

This time to France, with Ian. So the answer to my old title for this blog, where are Amy and Ian now… is Arles, in Provence, France. Christy, who traveled with me, Rita and Vic last year to Italy, is with us as well. Soon to be joined by Betty, Linda and Mike, who arrived today. In spite of the Lufthansa strike that threatened us all. Provence is our chosen area to explore and as we are all photographers, the opportunities to keep us enthralled are many!

Today was a Van Gogh in St Remy day, about a half hour out of Arles, and we have a great Toyota hybrid car rental we picked up at the airport in Marseille. It's so quiet no one can hear us coming, and I accidentally left it on today for bit while we popped into the tourist office.

Voilá some of the images I created at Van Gogh's sanitarium, La Maison de Santé Saint-Paul. His paintings are all over the gardens and in the building, it's a very nice presentation and you can even take a look at the room where he stayed that is somewhat like one of his paintings. He was inspired to create many masterpieces from his time here.

Van Gogh's room

He loved his Irises and they are in bloom now.

A bench I liked.

Church on the grounds. Recognize the chairs he used in his paintings?

A great courtyard!


Back in Arles, in the Place du Forum, about 2 blocks from our apartment. Van Gogh painted this scene many times.

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