Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall in Beautiful New England

The most beautiful color can be found during Fall in New England and I take my camera everywhere. The Plymouth Digital Photographers club is going strong, we've had 45 meetups since June 15th and are now 243 members and growing daily. I'm even giving a talk to the Kiwanis on Monday night, and I attended a vocational advisory dinner at the high school last week. Community outreach at it's finest! I am loving organizing meetups, making new friends with like minded photographers and seeing others doing the same, so rewarding. My best 'job' ever, a labor of love.

We've been out shooting, a lot, and here are some of my favorite images.

Purple Coneflower after the petals have dropped.

Rick, a member of the photo club, did a presentation on HDR yesterday for our club and I downloaded the free trial version. A very cool program to bring out the details in your photos, easy to use and this is from one exposure, not the traditional 3. HDR is all the rage, stands for High Dynamic Range.

Morton Pond. I stopped by here late in the afternoon and what a beautiful catch, for me and the fisherman.

Looking through these photos I noticed how many have water in them. Maybe I have a thing for large bodies of water??

Ting and Ric's home in Walpole, NH.

HDR apples from Alyson's, NH.

Ting and Gail, the Waybacks, picking apples and resting in Walpole, New Hampshire.

Plymouth Harbor and gull.

A happy mistake at a sunrise meetup.

Milo hanging onto the money.
Troy, NH.

Oliver Mills Park in Middleboro, MA, a meetup led by Greg on how to shoot moving water.

I stopped the car on the side of Rt 3 southbound to take this photo of a stump studded marsh.
I won't do that again, the traffic was going way too fast for comfort!

Rick talking to a fellow photographer.

Ed Randall's cranberry bog, a lovely day to enjoy this very well kept water harvested bog. Some bogs are dry harvested.

Processing the cranberries into the truck.

Churning up the berries to get them off the small bushes that are under the water. They float to the top and are corralled then sucked into the truck.

Ed Randall's home.

Jim and Mary.

The 3 of us celebrating Joe's birthday with a vegan banana peanut butter cake. Photo by Jess.

Hydrangea in the fall.

This year the leaves of the Hydrangea by the front door turned a beautiful shade of purple.

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk at Plimouth Plantation. He was so young he didn't know he wasn't supposed to pose for us.

Tail end of a chicken.

Club member Ken.

18 of us showed up to shoot the sunrise last week on White Horse Beach.

Looking back at the light on the beach homes.

My friend Julie's family portrait, maybe for her Christmas card?? Danika, who just turned 3, and I spent the afternoon together and what a fun time we had! Being a grandparent must be a blast...

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  1. Love it, Amy! I'm going to have to check out that HDR stuff--it looks amazing. I especially like the straps on the apple bags. And how cool to visit a cranberry bog. I've got to do that someday! I also think Milo's a hoot!