Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Too cute too eat! Our photo club has been doing Monday Morning walks and I took this a few weeks ago walking around by White Horse Beach.

For Ian's 18th birthday we went birding, well Joe and I went with him while he birded, his favorite thing to do. Looking for an elusive sparrow here.

Not just birding, Ian also has a keen interest in dragonflies and damselflies.

Another pretty place in Plymouth, MA.

The nice thing about birding is all the lovely places you visit looking for birds, or photographs :-)

In back of the dump on Beaver Dam Road in Plymouth, MA

Ian getting ready to leave on his 3 month trip to Peru. He has a great blog describing his adventures at Birding Across the Globe.

Ready to backpack, camp and look for beautiful birds in Peru.

Dropping him off at Logan was difficult. I'm happy to see him pursue his dreams, sad to not have him around.

Joe feeds the squirrels.

Another bunch of Monday Morning walk photos.

Bittersweet, nice to look at, don't pick it and spread it. Highly invasive!

Our band of photographers cruising the streets at 9am.

My Dad and my brother Nelson in Morristown, NJ.
My Dad with his therpist learning how to speak and move again after a small stroke. All better in less than a week.

Me, my Dad and Nelson who has done wonders taking care of our Dad.

Joe and I drove to NJ to help out. Joe's also been a big help.

Found this in the family home, I think it's my grandfather Mario from Sicily.


My Dad's bookcase in his home that we cleaned up while he was in rehab.

At the moment my Dad is recovering from a quadruple bypass at 82 and is doing amazingly well, although some days he doesn't think so :-) So I have a lot to be thankful for this year, more than my usual bounty of blessings.

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  1. Wonderful family photos.

    If Ian grows a beard on his three month adventure, I sure hope you get some pictures of it before he shaves it off:)

    And how come I've never noticed how much your Dad looks like George Carlin?