Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harvesting Wine Grapes in Walpole, NH

What a fun day I had picking grapes with Ting and Gail in Walpole, NH! We had the perfect day, sunny, cool and the best views anywhere. Virginia Carter, owner of Barnett Hill Vineyard in Walpole offers volunteers the opportunity to harvest the grapes she grows and offers lunch for your troubles. Only it's no trouble at all, the pleasure was all mine.

If you are interested in participating in the grape picking you can email her and sign up for a morning or afternoon harvest, Ginny provides all the supplies and instruction, no experience necessary. Her email is Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next Fall...

The Vineyard is on top of a hill overlooking the river valley between NH and Vermont, gorgeous!

Partial view of the extensive rows of grapes Ginny has planted.

Winery headquarters, recently built, open on Saturdays to the public.

In the winery where the magic of turning grapes into wine happens.
Dolores, Ting and Ginny.

Gail and Dolores are punching down the must cap in the tank.

We lifted the nets off of the rows where Ginny told us to pick.

Beautiful, healthy grapes!

The special tools we were given to cut the grapes off of the vines. Way better than clippers.

The bins we put the grapes in, keeping like grapes together. Ginny has many, many varieties.

Ting and Ginny. When picking low it's good to sit, or you can stand if picking at the top of the vine.

The 4 of us volunteer harvesters really going at it.

I'm easily distracted by all the beauty around me.


Our picking time is over, it went by quickly, and we're tidying up before we go in for lunch.

Everyone had a great time!

Fine wine.

We picked all of this.

Ginny's Mom cleaning up after the very good lunch she made us. And for me the best vegan tomato mushroom soup ever!

The grape crusher.
Walpole is located about 15 miles north of Keene, in NH across the river from Vermont.

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