Sunday, February 22, 2009

Washington National Cathedral

Joe and I visited the Washington National Cathedral today, the second largest cathedral in North America. An incredible undertaking, it took 83 years to finish and it is a magnificent Episcopal cathedral welcoming people of all faiths and none. Built and maintained entirely from private funds this is a church for national purposes and a voice for generous-spirited Christianity and interfaith dialogue to promote respect and understanding.

Washington National Cathedral.

Looking down the nave toward the high altar. The women in purple are the docents, there are 1000 volunteers helping to run things.

My favorite stained glass window has a piece of moon rock, brought back from Apollo 11, embedded in the window.

At the crossing, where the two transepts meet, the piers soar nearly one hundred feet to the vaulting.

Looking west from the mid-nave crossing is the West Rose window.

The high altar with one hundred and ten figures of men and women.

There are no traditional church pews, only individual chairs, throughout the cathedral.

 Real flames at this cathedral. Many churches have changed over to electric 'candles' for prayer offerings.

Written by Abraham Lincoln at his farewell address in Springfield, Illinois, February 11, 1861.

On the 7th floor.

Lower level, the Crypt.

Bethlehem Chapel.

Getting ready to sing.

A tender moment...

A visiting choir from North Carolina, lovely to hear them sing during their rehearsal.

At the high altar.

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  1. Great photos Amy! I especially like the one with the two docents (interesting word) that's looking down the nave. The purple color on the pillars is amazing. Was it hard to keep it sharp? I remember that lighting to be pretty difficult.