Monday, February 9, 2009

Our furnished apartment in Washington D.C.

Joe, Ian and I are living in a 1 bedroom furnished apartment that Joe rented on a short term lease from Executive Rentals. They specialize in renting to people like Joe who are in D.C. for a temporary government detail that can last a few months to a year. The Metro stop and area is called Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia, located 2.7 miles from the National Mall Smithsonian Museums and a 10 minute metro ride to work for Joe.  A big improvement on his 1 hour drive to NH every day back in MA!

Yes, this is where we live.  My first time in a building with 300 units. 
Archstone Apartments.

You can just see Ian on our balcony, a spec on the 11th floor.

We take an elevator after we've swiped our card to get in the door to the lobby or to drive the car into the underground garage.

After the elevator comes the long hallway to our door. Once I'm in the door the rest of the building disappears and it feels like home.

Home. Nicely appointed open living room, kitchen, dining area. At 630 square feet it better be open...
One of the views from our balcony.

Joe and our small but very efficient kitchen.

Ian's area... computer central and his aero bed goes here in the evenings. We offered him space at the table, but he prefers the floor.

Valentine's day flowers and the vase I bought at Goodwill. 
Views from the 16th, top floor.

The library is the building after the line of parked cars. It's very convenient to live here, the food market, library, metro, drugstore, 25 restaurants, unlimited shopping at 2 malls are all right outside our front lobby. I don't use my car much at all, city living at it's finest.
 Fashion Centre at Pentagon City  is the mall Joe and I walk at in the evenings and the
Harris Teeter supermarket is located at the Pentagon Row group of shops.

The 16th floor has a workout room with lots of machines and a swimming pool open to all residents.

The Capital in the distance.

Also from the pool area with a zoom lens.
We've been to the Capitol twice and have a tour scheduled at the Pentagon next week. We've seen many beautiful monuments and buildings, it's an incredible city and a great time to be here. More to come in future posts...

The Pentagon from the 16th floor.

Dave, Evan, Troy and Gail.
On the way to our new apartment, Ian and I stayed the night at Gail's house, my Wayback friend, in Washington Depot, CT. Evan left that evening after dinner to go to spring training for the San Diego Padres. We're all hoping that his awesome skills as a pitcher will move him up to the majors!

Dave's furniture store in New Milford. If you're looking for some well made furniture to warm up your home, come to Jefferson Pine!

Gail made me a delicious vegan early birthday cake!

The tons of snow we left behind in the Boston area.


  1. Yaaaaaa - a new blog!!!!
    No shoveling snow in VA.

    What's Evan's last name - might want to follow his progress in Spring Training.

    What's it like watching the Senate in session? Really boring, or people watching, or 'what the heck are these people doin' here'?

    I didn't know one could go and watch.

  2. Good idea to start a new blog. Now i know where you are. Sounds like yet another adventure.

  3. I am so enjoying your blogs. Thanks to all of you for including me on the "notice" mail list!
    One of these years maybe I'll even get to meet my cousins that I haven't, Ian and Amy!


  4. I just decided to check back today and I am so glad I did...the pic of Joe in the red jacket...I can't believe how much he looks like my Dad (his uncle) when dad was younger..Joe certainly has alot of "Lancaster" genes in him! LOL...and I also recently came across a picture of Joe's Dad and he looks like him also!

  5. Nice pictures! It is really great to have an apartment in Washington D.C. There are lots of beautiful places and historical sites to visit there.