Sunday, March 1, 2009

United States Botanic Garden: a great place to feel Spring.

Today, March 2nd, the snow storm that put 12 inches in parts of Maine and New Jersey produced 2 to 3 inches in Pentagon City, Virginia.
This photo was taken from our balcony and the red circled area shows the senior center and library. I'm planning on playing basketball, pickleball and doing yoga at the Aurora Hills Senior Center, now that I qualify as a senior.  Such perks for being only 56 years old!
March 2nd, 2009. From the Washington Post this morning 

After a very slow start, the storm that looked like it could be a complete total dud (in the snowfall department) came on strong overnight. Temperatures crashed, winds strengthened and many parts of the metro area now have 2-4" of snow on the ground.  With winds of 20-30 mph, the snow which has fallen may blow around in open areas. Temperatures will remain below freezing and mostly in the low-to-mid 20s while the snow continues.

Last Weekend

Joe, Ian and I went to the United States Botanic Garden  to breath in the warm, flowered air inside the huge indoor gardens of the Conservatory. The Botanic Garden has been in operation and open to the public since 1850 and was the dream of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, who would have thought?  The Botanic Garden believes in the importance of plants to the well-being of our citizens, our nation and the world. I support that!
It is one of the oldest botanic gardens in North America and it's free. Ian and I had a great time photographing all the beautiful flowers.

The 3 of us took the Metro to L'Enfant stop and walked several blocks to the Botanic Garden. Great views of the Capital on the way. 

Frozen pond in front of the Conservatory with gulls.

Me, photo by Joe.

Joe and Ian humoring me while I tried to make them 'hold' the Capital.

Wow, beautiful vistas everywhere!

Bromeliad flower.



The National Museum of the American Indian where we rounded out a lovely day with a late lunch. The selection of vegan and vegetarian cuisine was incredible, definitely the best food on the National Mall.
Cool building, too.

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  1. That's an impressive view! What is pickleball?! I mentioned your plans to my mom, and she said "Hey! I wonder if I qualify!"

    I love the one of Ian in the garden, I didn't see him at first!