Friday, September 8, 2017

Paris! Beautiful Archives Nationales and L'Eglise Saint-Eustache

I'm in Paris now with my friend Susan for a 2 week holiday exploring the city of light for future visits, what a marvelous place to be! Around every corner is another ancient and historically important building or square, walking around as we are, it's all very accessible. All you need is good shoes and strong legs with a sense of wonder! 
Our destination on this day was the information office off of the Avenue de l'Opera near the Louvre. The walk there was full of surprises! 

We stumbled onto the Achives Nationales in the Marais, free entry and gorgeous architecture, the details in the buildings here are so beautiful!

 Someone else who is also awed by what she is seeing...

 The Church of St Eustache or L’├ęglise Saint-Eustache is a church in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The present building was built between 1532 and 1632.

It's easy to be moved by a church like this.

There are more cafes here than there are Dunkin Donuts in Boston. They are also used as gathering places, but I suspect Parisiens spend more time at them...

 Apparently a famous restaurant... the foot of the pig. And it's open 24/24!! Whatever that means :-)

 We ate here with a view of the comings and going of Parisiens, a busy corner at Rue des Pyramides.

  Just another good looking corner...The Louvre is on the other side.

Musicians on a bridge near Notre Dame. Closed off to traffic :-)

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