Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Beautiful Architecture in Paris!

What can I say about how beautiful Paris is besides showing it to you? These photos evoke for me the beauty of this city, and if you've been fortunate to be visit or live here, you know it's even better in person. Around every corner is something even more compelling to look at, and the backdrop of these skies... I'm in love!!!
J'aime Paris!!

I was standing on the Pont du Change looking over the Seine River towards the Conciergeri. I think the Conciergeri looks like a fairy tale castle with those turrets :-) 

A neighborhood produce store near where we're staying in Marais.

Looking smart while on his smart phone.

My view as I looked up at lunch, these 2 were joined by another friend and looked so good against the backdrop of the building. Man on the right is smoking, lots of smoking going on in Paris.

Susan and I found this lunch spot, perfect! View of the Panthéon in the background.

Area around the Panthéon.

The actual imposing Panthéon in Paris!!!

We wandered over to the Luxembourg gardens that are a few blocks from the Panthéon, and were treated to some wonderful landscapes, flowers and gardens!

A lovely pond for people to sail these small boats that were for rent at the Luxembourg gardens.

Another view at the Jardin du Luxembourg looking at the Luxembourg Palace.
This area is considered the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank.

At the end of the day Susan and I head back home near the Place des Vosges, our local park :-)

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