Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Semana Santa Starts in Seville, Spain

Samana Santa has begun and what an an amazing production it is! I am blown away by all the preparations and energy behind this annual event, it involves thousands of people working together to provide 60 processions going throughout the city for 8 days. Huge processions, some with over 2000 people in them and lasting for 12 hours, a sight to behold! I am not a religious person, but can appreciate this incredible tribute to the Catholic religion achieved only with the cooperation and focus of many devoted people.

Young children following the tradition of doing penance for their sins while not being recognized by wearing these robes and pointy hats. 
When most Americans see an image like this they think of the KKK. But there is no connection whatsoever, these Penitentes adopted this look long before America was discovered. Read more about the pointy hats, Capirote, here:

 Beginning of the procession, one of many throughout Seville.

 The hood seems to be held forward by grabbing the cloth, or they can't see out the eye holes.

Elaborate robes and silver are in the processions, too.

 Women also walk the long roads through town, sometimes for up to 12 hours!!

For as far as you can see.

Candy and religious cards are handed out.

 Every Brotherhood has it's own color scheme uniform.

 Touching the float or paso gives you good luck, quite crowded right near them.


 Wonderful music from some talented bands add to the aura of the procession.

 Getting in place before the procession comes through. People dress up for this, jacket and ties on many of the men. 

 The band was loud!

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