Monday, March 7, 2016

Children on a Sunday in Seville

What a gorgeous day to spend outside, a Sunday, sunny and just the right temperature. Many families also thought it was a good day to be out, and Triana, an area of Seville across the river we really enjoy, was host to all of them!

I fell in love with these children having a good time together, entertaining themselves while their parents ate lunch nearby. No one minded when I took these photos (the default position here doesn't seem to be that strangers mean to cause harm) and I hope they convey some of the fun the children were having, wonderful to see!

Sunday in Triana, it's the place to be. A pedestrian only area lined with outdoor cafes, where children and adults can play. Calle San Jacinto.

From somewhere came a jump rope. They figured out what to do quickly, I'm not even sure if they all knew each other.

Twins!! I have seen so many twins since I've been here, and adult ones, too. 

The boy in the back is taking good care of his little sister (at least that's who I think she is)

He's not really strangling her, he was very sweet :-)

Sooooo adorable and natural to care for each other!!!

She saw me and gave me a big smile, what a sweet sweet face!

As spectators, this bunch were really getting into the game they were playing.


Too many photos of them, I know... I couldn't resist :-)


Last night at the bar we ate at in Seville, I found these 2... brothers, cousins?.. talking while their parents were getting a drink and tapas. Kids being in bars isn't an issue here. They go wherever their parents go and always seem to be content.

I love the way the younger boy is looking at the older one, in every culture at a certain age, the older child is someone to look up to.

Something is being explained...check out the hands.

And then the other boy gives it a try.

All of these images were taken with my iPhone 6S. The children outside with the jump rope were shot very quickly, I didn't want to intrude. From first to last image took 2 minutes, 15 images total...pretty fast!

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