Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Multiple Exposure Photography with a Canon 6D

I had the pleasure of organizing a workshop taught by Charles Needle, a talented teacher and photographer from Seattle, this past weekend in Plymouth, MA. All 9 students learned new techniques making original photographs mainly using our cameras to make multiple exposures. What a fun time and it was a lovely day on the pond of learning and photography!

Here's what I came up with, fun techniques!

Our workshop teacher, Charles Needle, helping a student with their camera settings.

A squash times 7 in camera exposures.

Andrea and pumpkins.

 Sunflowers were popular.

Trees multiplied upwards. 

 Working our cameras.

Trees aiming upwards.

 Sunflowers aflame.

Jeremie's dog Beau enjoying a day outside, too.  One exposure.

 Edie and Felix, also one exposure....

 Charles Needle and Andrea. We had tripods and flowers everywhere!

Good friends Jeremie and Louise, with Beau wondering where his camera is. 

Charles Needle helping Sharon to get the shot.

Tricky balance.

Mums and Geraniums.

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  1. Amy, I love what you came up with! 'Tricky balance' is very telling about the day as well as the techniques needed to accomplish this art! I'm glad you got people shots too. I was having so much fun with multiples I forgot to get my friends. These images really tell a story, a very good story! Love them all! Mums and geraniums is lovely. you made such good use of the dark areas, it's very effective. I'm going to have to try the effect you used for sunflower aflame. Its very cool . . . please save me some seeds so I can grow these beautiflower sunflowers next season! :) I hope Charles Needle comes to visit again!