Friday, April 17, 2015

Lucca with my iPhone 5S

Sometimes using my iPhone is just simpler, and much less bulky and heavy to carry around. Here are some iPhone shots of Lucca, some processed in Lightroom and some using good old Snapseed... best app around for a quick edit on an iPad or iPhone. And it's free.

Piazza S. Michele, center of everything.

Tourists or students taking a break, maybe both.

Piazza Antifeatro.

 My three companeros out at night.

 Piazza Antifeatro for a Negroni. Taste of another trip to Lucca in 2013...

 My same three companeros at dinner for Asha's last night.

 Outside the Lucca wall. A lovely bright spring!

A villa near to Lucca, day trip via car.

 Lucca view from wall.

 Good ol' Gelato everyday.

The bar is IN the supermarket! Coffee and champagne, beer, whatever you want...
Esselunga... very popular.

 Really fancy market.

 The wall.

 iPhone HDR for sunset.

 More of the wall.

An everyday flower area near the wall.

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