Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Horses and More at a Horse Farm in Kingston, MA

A PDP (Plymouth Digital Photographers) member offered to host our camera club at his daughter's horse farm in Kingston, MA and 18 of us from PDP went to visit last week. A beautiful farm with the most generous and welcoming family, we were given open access to the riders, helpers and horses. Everyone loved it, and many photos were taken! If we are lucky more people will invite us to see a glimpse of their working life, we get to make images and the people that invite us have access to the photographs we create. A lovely day for everyone!

Beautiful place!

Nicole jumping for us, very focused.

This is her gorgeous horse. Ears back is not what you want on a horse portrait. 

Ears forward is much better. Now you know, too :-)

Jeanne talking to the very friendly horses, they enjoyed all the attention!

Love the bangs!

Linda, happy horse farm owner.

Linda and her dad, Phil.

Cover girl horse, she has been on catalog and magazine covers. 

Getting the shot... 

Gene getting kisses from a friendly horse…maybe a nibble or two. They were very gentle.

A handsome gal, alert, too.

Diane and a few of her chickens.  I love that she lets them live out their lives here on the farm even after they have stopped producing eggs, they are part of the family.
My friend Graham with his fiancé Marlene were at the farm, too. We will be attending their wedding in July, Congratulations!

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