Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Wonderful 60th Happy Birthday!

Last week I entered a new decade, my 60's, and I was so happy to celebrate it in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico with my longtime friend Susan, her husband, Scott and my husband, Joe. We visited them on their vacation at our old condos, Villas Del Mar, while we are staying in Cancun for our last few weeks here in Mexico. That was a first visiting friends on vacation while we are on vacation... What a great time we had, lots of good photo ops as you can see by the too many photos. Just sayin'.... I'm a very lucky woman and count each birthday as a special gift!!

Having drinks at the jacuzzi bar with Susan and Scott at the Omni.  

All 4 of us with my iPhone by a nice estrangero.

 Just another day at the beach.

 Susan looking great! Vacation suits her :-)

 Inside Susan and Scott's Condo.

 Their night time view.

Scott made some yummy fruity drinks with mango, coconut, pineapple and rum. Guacamole Joe making his signature Guac.

 Nice shot, Joe!

Happy to be 60!! 

The back of a can of Sol beer.

For breakfast the next morning we tried this pretty fruit. Don't know the name, I just like buying strange things to eat.  I don't think any of us will seek it out again :-)

 The next day we visited a nearby Cenote, a freshwater sink hole, one of many all over this part of the Yucatan. 
Joe getting his shot, a blog he will post in a few days.

 Click to view full size. This was a beautiful pool of water with lots of fish and caves, I loved it!!

 A young boy from Russia enjoying the fish, too.

 If you stay still in the water, these tiny fish will nibble at your skin, as in exfoliate it, feels odd but I liked it.

 The best swimming water ever!

This photographer was part of the Russian family swimming there, she has perfected a technique of keeping hold of her baby and getting the shot of the others in the water.

Ancient art carved into the stone.

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