Monday, December 27, 2010

Quito, Ecuador.

 The view from our hotel room at Nu House in Quito.

Across the street from our room is this second story outside bar that advertises tables on the beach, and there's the sand!

 A bit of Christmas in Quito.

Must have run out of names for banks...

Better version of this photo.

Andrew met us in Quito, he's Ian's birding friend who is now a tour guide for Tropical Birding.

4 of us at dinner at Siam in Quito, food not so good, company great!

 Ian spotted this Broad Breasted?? Hawk in the park.

Ahhh, the dolls....

And now I am going to be using my point and shoot Sony as I left my battery charger in MA for my Canon, can you believe it?? If I'm lucky, Ian's friend, Luke, will bring me a new charger when he arrives in Quito tomorrow, if not, well, the point and shoot will have to do...

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